How I Can Help (What I Do as a Doula)

Help. When you need it the most.

A mother to seven and certified through DONA International in postpartum care and DONA International in birth, I provide non-judgmental support and make the mom and baby my top priorities.

Since 2009, I have regularly assisted new moms, experienced moms, teen moms, and single moms as they welcomed a new baby.

Providing support to moms, babies, and the whole family from pregnancy through 12 weeks postpartum, I’m trained in pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, mom and baby care, sibling transitions, information for partners, perinatal mental health, and more. For postpartum clients, I’m also available to help run errands and assist with meal prep, and I provide support to moms and families of babies in the NICU.

Whether you’re pregnant and want to hire someone before birth or you’ve birthed a baby within the last 12 weeks, and you’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed, please feel free to e-mail or call. I’ll be happy to discuss the ways I can help. I also offer a no-obligation consultation so that we can meet and determine if I will suit your family’s needs.

Details for Birth Support

Prenatal Education

  • I can help you to create a birth plan and discuss options that are available to you.
  • I will provide education, information, and resources that are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Early Labor Support/On-Call Status

  • You will have access to me via text and phone throughout early labor. In some circumstances, I can join you at your home or the hospital if you’d like. Some women prefer to labor at home and only want to remain in touch until they decide to go to the hospital. This is your choice. Due to COVID-19 regulations, I am generally not able to accompany you at the hospital until you are admitted, but I can remain in communication.
  • Beginning at 36 weeks, I will be on-call, meaning that I will carry my cell-phone with me at all times 24/7.
  • I have a dedicated phone line for clients.

Comfort Measures

  • I provide encouragement, as well as physical comfort measures, such as massage, counter-pressure, etc. If you would prefer a hands-off approach to your labor, please let me know.
  • I am trained to work with essential oils through Doula Alliance and Vintage Remedies. I provide an assortment of essential oils, or you may bring your own. I also provide light massage to help promote relaxation. I use vegan massage oil, or you may bring your own.
  • I am trained to use a variety of position changes to help you find a position that brings the most comfort and helps to promote progression.
  • Additional training includes breathing exercises, the rebozo, birthing ball, peanut ball, birth bar, and obstetrical TENS unit, in accordance with DONA’s Standard of Care.

Partner Support

  • As your doula, I will not try to replace your partner. I can give your partner ideas on how to best support you in labor, I can provide support while your partner rests, or I can provide complete support if your partner would rather remain hands-off.

Communication With Your Health Care Team

  • As your doula, I don’t speak on your behalf to your health care team, but I can help you to understand communications and can provide information to you so that you’re able to make informed decisions throughout your labor and birth. I can also help you to ask questions regarding what’s important to you.

Post-Birth Immediate Postpartum Support

  • As a birth doula, I will remain with you until 1 to 2 hours postpartum, to make sure that you’re settled and doing well. If you’d like to hire me for in-home postpartum support, we can add these services to your birth doula contract.

Details for Postpartum Care


  • I can help you to get a good latch and find a good breastfeeding position, provide education to improve your milk supply, information on sore nipples, engorgement, mastitis, pumping, and milk storage.
  • I will help you understand any instructions given to you by a Lactation Consultant and/or refer you to a local IBCLC when appropriate.

Bottle-feeding Guidance

  • I can help you prepare formula, explain different types of bottles and nipples, and clean and sterilize bottles and equipment. I will also help prepare bottles for the night or the next day.


  • I can help launder clothing for the whole family, including sorting, folding, and putting the clothes away. Sheets, towels, and bedding are also included.

Kitchen Cleanup

  • Feel free to leave the dishes in the sink. I will wash dishes, or if you have a dishwasher, I’ll load, run and unload the dishwasher.
  • I will clean up the kitchen, wipe down the counters, and handwash pots and pans.

Meal Prep

  • I will make simple meals for you if you have ingredients on hand.
  • I will also help with meal prep, including snacks and grocery shopping as you need.


  • I do light housework, including sweeping, vacuuming, taking out the garbage, etc. I have references for more in-depth house cleaning.
  • I will also help with nursery set-up or sorting baby clothes and arrange baby care stations as needed.


  • I will run errands including to the grocery store and drug store.
  • I can also accompany you to your doctor, midwife, or Pediatrician’s office as needed. It’s great to have a second set of hands.

Baby Care

  • I’m trained to provide general baby care, such as diapering, bathing, cord care, holding and soothing, feeding and nurturing your baby.
  • I provide care so you have time to rest, take a nap, a shower, have time with your significant other, or spend time with older siblings and have some special time with them.
  • I will help you understand any specific instructions provided by your pediatrician.

Baby Education

  • Doulas are full of information about babies and love to share it. Sleep and feeding issues, soothing techniques, plus info about physical and mental development, etc.

Mother Care

  • I will check on you regarding healing within scope and will refer if out of scope. I will also answer any questions you may have or help you find the answers that you need.
  • Emotional support.  Doulas are good listeners and keep things confidential. I also earned my certification in Perinatal Mental Health through Postpartum Support International. I provide complimentary assessments each week that I work with a family. I am not a licensed counselor, nor do I diagnose; I can provide resources and information so that you can take the next steps when needed.
  • I will help you understand any directions given to you by your doctor or midwife.

Pet Care

  • I love dogs and cats and will do what I can to help your pets adjust to the new family dynamics. Tell me what they need and I will help with it. I can even take your dog for a walk if needed.

Sibling Care

  • I’ll help with older siblings as needed. I also have experience working with special needs children, so please let me know any accommodations your other children may need.
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