“Before my pregnancy, I had never heard of a doula and now I can’t imagine not having Elizabeth around for future births. She gave my husband and me the support we needed leading up to and during delivery. We then utilized her services as a postpartum doula. It was one of the best investments we made during this journey. I have already recommended Elizabeth to friends and would encourage anyone to utilize her expertise! She is knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate. No matter what type of birth or postpartum experience you are hoping for, Elizabeth is a must-have!” ~~ Brittney P.

“Elizabeth is a true treasure. She exudes a motherly gentleness and peace as soon as she enters a room. Even on the phone you can sense her compassion and love as she comfortably and confidently eases the brave and beautiful birthing process. Because of Elizabeth, I was able to labor a lot longer at home feeling safe and secure as I awaited the arrival of my baby girl. Her encouraging and empowering words made my experience one of joy and strength in the abilities we have as women to bring life into the world. I am forever grateful for Elizabeth’s love and support.” ~~ Liz C.

“Having Elizabeth added so many wonderful things to my first birth experience. She was so supportive of my decision to have a natural birth but made it very clear that whatever I chose, she would support. For a while, I thought I would not be able to endure a natural birth and was worried it would not happen in the end. She encouraged me that I could do it (because I really wanted to), but never pressured me into it. I felt safe with her, knowing she would be there to help me and my husband through something we had never done together before.

As a first time mom, I often sent her questions about all the birth things, and she was quick to help me make informed decisions about my birth plan and pregnancy. She was a wealth of information, sending me information on anything I asked her about and asked her mentors if she needed a second opinion about anything.

During labor she was amazing. She came with everything I ever needed to help me through labor: oils, massage balls, etc. Having her there helped my husband and I enjoy my birth process together, knowing we always had extra help and someone there who knew what they were doing. She was great at suggesting different positions during labor, helped keep me relaxed when contractions would get intense, and even helped me avoid a possible cesarean by working with the nurses to get me into a position to help turn my baby who was transverse while I was 9cm.

During postpartum she was so emotionally supportive and really helped me process some things about my birth that I thought I “failed at.” She helped me see that I did nothing wrong and everything went how it was supposed to. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone in the NWA area looking for a doula.” ~~ Makayla M.

“When I started talking to Elizabeth about my pregnancy/labor I was 40w5d YES I was overdue and feeling discouraged my body hadn’t already gone into labor. Elizabeth put my mind and body at ease that even though I wasn’t in full-blown labor yet, my body was progressing. She reminded me that every woman’s body is different. I was also deciding between waiting for the baby to come or getting induced. As I chatted with her she made me feel in control and positive about either decision, which is the best feeling to have.” ~~ Jenna S.

“Elizabeth is very knowledgable and provides unbiased information sources to parents when asking about making informed choices during the childbearing year.” ~~ Shoaf C.

“Elizabeth provided PP doula care for the arrival of my 3rd child. This was my 3rd c-section, and from experience, I know that having someone in your corner really matters during the recovery phase! Elizabeth had my home lovely and ready for me. We had food, flowers, and even granola bars for quick eating. I reached the point in my recovery where I was exhausted and unsure of myself. I remember calling Elizabeth over, and she gave me the reassurance I needed. I knew she had the years of experience to speak with confidence on the matter, so I trusted her sound mind instead of my own. Elizabeth has a wonderful calming demeanor and has a true love for motherhood and babies.” ~~ Melly R.

“Elizabeth is a wonderful postpartum doula. After having my 3rd baby girl, she was amazing at helping me with keeping my middle daughter, who’s under two, occupied and entertained when I was home alone with her and the baby. The atmosphere had an automatic calming presence with her being there and my toddler was immediately in awe of her. She made things so much easier and calming in a situation that could have been stressful for a mom with a newborn. Elizabeth was ready to serve in anything I needed around the house and I love her for that!” ~~ Jen H.

“Elizabeth took her time to talk me through every question I had and every situation that arose. She was incredibly supportive and positive and has been vital to keeping me mentally positive during my difficult recovery. She was able to connect me with some great resources to prepare me for labor, as in childbirth classes online. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all of our classes in person had been canceled. Whenever I needed anything, even if just to vent, she was there to listen and help. Her knowledge, positivity, and encouragement were so needed and amazingly helpful. She was wonderful. I never felt rushed or like I was an inconvenience.” ~~ Heather B.

“Elizabeth was an absolute godsend. She came ready to help with laundry, dishes, dinner prep, or to hold the baby while I napped. I think every new and experienced mom should have a postpartum doula. I definitely recommend her to every pregnant person I talk to now.” ~~ Kisma K.

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